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TRENZA provides Chicanx/Latinx women with academic, community, and social support in order to ensure their success as students at UC Berkeley. Our alumni organization offers that same community of support to graduates as they advance in their lives and careers, in addition to offering opportunities for engagement with the campus and current students. TRENZA is also known as TRENZA Alliance and our members are referred to as Trenzudas.

Student members meet weekly to discuss issues affecting Chicanx/Latinx women, organize workshops and activities on topics such as career development and health/well-being and participate in community building social and cultural events. Members of TRENZA collaborate with UC Berkeley staff, faculty, fellow students and alumni to access campus and community resources for our members but also look beyond our own communities to support and advocate for other groups in need and particularly Chicanx/Latinx women pursing higher education.

Although we are a non-political organization, TRENZA respects the views of its members. Members are aware of the diversity among us and acknowledge the need to be all-inclusive, respecting different political views and ideologies. The sisterhood we provide creates life lasting bonds that have resulted in positive outcomes for our members and the continued success of the organization.

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TRENZA was established in 1994 at UC Berkeley by a group of women from different backgrounds who wished to form academic, social, and community ties for Chicana/Latina students on campus. This purpose, maintained through our traditions and strengthened each year by our new members serves as the foundation for our work. SInce 1994, the TRENZA network has grown to over 500 past and current members.

The first five years


Oct 12, 1994
TRENZA Registers with the ASUC at UC Berkeley on October 12, 1994 to become an official student organization. Work begins to form a steering committee and plan for the coming school year.
Apr 27, 1995
TRENZA Participates in the annual Raza picnic on April 27, 1995.
Sept 7, 1995
First Meeting
TRENZA’s First Official Meeting was held on September 7, 1995 on the Berkeley campus. Thirty women attended.
Oct 5, 1995
On campus
TRENZA’s First Meeting After Recruitment/Outreach Activities was held on October 5, 1995 in Barrows Hall. Ninety-four women attended. Weekly meetings have continued to be held at 5pm every Thursday during the school year.
Fall 1995
Road Trip
The First TRENZA Road Trip happened in the Fall of 1995 for the Cal vs. UCLA Football game. A Trenzuda hosted over 20 women at her mother’s home.
February 1996
The First TRENZA Times issues were printed in February of 1996.
Mar 9, 1996
The First TRENZA Cooks event was held on March 9, 1996.
April 28, 1996
The First TRENZA Banquet was held on April 28, 1996 at H’s Lordships Restaurant in Berkeley.
Spring 1996
The First TRENZA Scholarship was awarded by the Community Committee in the Spring of 1996.
TRENZA Alumnae began to organize more formally in 1998.
First Motto
The First Annual Motto was chosen in 1999: “If it’s not strong, it’s not beautiful"
Summer 1999
The first TRENZA Summit was held in Los Angeles in the summer of 1999.

Board of Directors

Our Board was elected in 2015 to help lead our organization’s continued growth and development.


Elizabeth Ramirez, Co-chair
Nora Sandoval-Castillo, Co-Chair
Claudia Sagastume-Lewis, Vice Chair
Mary Loera, Treasurer
Carla Prado, Secretary
Vanessa Pena, At-large
Norma Pizano, At-large
Alma Salazar, At-large
Estela Yanez, At-large

To reach the Alumni Planning Committee please e-mail trenza.alumni@gmail.com.


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TRENZA is an active student organization at UC Berkeley. We are currently planning out events for an exciting in-person return to campus. For the latest on all of our activities, please check the student website or follow us on Instagram: @caltrenza


The Teresa Navarrete Education Fund

The Teresa Navarrete Education Fund (“TNEF”). This annual grant is awarded in honor of a former TRENZA Alumna, Teresa Navarrete, who believed that increasing educational opportunities…

Alumni Planning Committee

On a day-to-day basis, the TRENZA Alliance operates the Alumni Planning Committee (“APC”). The committee is comprised of TRENZA members who are directly involved in the planning…


On an annual basis, TRENZA hosts a Summit for its members and undergraduate student affiliates at UC Berkeley. APC plans and executes an annual summit during the summer…


Professional development workshops on various topics, including social brand management, resume critique and interview skills, and financial planning, among others…


Meetings are held every Thursday at 5pm. Locations vary each semester. Please check back in the fall for more information.

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